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Flubber se arata a fi o comedie pe cinste, in care savantul inventeaza o substanta gelatinoasa cu proprietati foarte puternice. Initial prietena acestuia nu ii da prea mare importanta pana cand la un meci de basket acesta pune flubber pe adidasii jucatorilor si acestia fac salturi de peste cativa metrii, savantul mai reuseste sa creeze o masina care zboara, totodata un afacerist afla de inventiile acestuia si il santazeaja pentru a ii lua inventiile.

Categoria: Comedie | Adaugat de: Paul_Cr3ativ (13 Iun 2010)
Vizionari: 835 | Tags: Flubber | Rating: 0.0/0
Comentarii: 2
Steph / Hi Natalie,Thanks so much for your comment, and for tankig the time to stop by. The copy I received was an ARC sent by Angry Robot, who are the time were to be the UK publishers it seems that this has changed now that the imprint has moved houses. I’ll update the review (and the cover!) accordingly. The Aus cover is quite striking, you’re right, so no complaints here! It’s all a matter of taste—I know these books have sold very well, and I can see why, even if they’re not quite my cup of tea. I recently read Nicole Murphy’s Secret Ones, which I quite enjoyed, and I’ve heard fabulous things about Stacia’s books. While I adore Tansy’s work, her novel might be a little too long for a ‘single sitting’ read, although I’m sure it’s wonderful!


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